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AIBPL prides itself in being an entity that is socially committed and responsible. Our corporate social responsibility extends across a number of socially relevant areas. We are doing our best to support the underprivileged. These are meant as our humble contributions to the overall well being and welfare of our society.

One of our priorities here at AIBPL is to build buildings that have a minimal environmental footprint. We endeavor to employ the newest technologies that are available in the market so that we may contribute, in whatever possible way, to reverse the process of unstable climate, which is, presently, being recorded on the global scale.

  • We provide safety nets, helmets and other safety equipments at all our construction sites for the welfare and well being of the workers at the site.
  • Plantation of tress in close vicinity of the office and in other areas too.
  • Double-glazed, Thermally insulated, tinted glass for Window panes and Piped Gas.
  • Use of Non-toxic bio-degradable materials.
  • Use of CFL+ light fittings rather than Bulb-based fittings

  • 19th November 2013

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  • 26th October 2013

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